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The production process

The suckling pig production process begins by selecting the mother sows and then inseminating them so that after a gestation period of three months, three weeks and three days (114 days), they give birth to ten suckling pigs. The suckling pigs remain with the mother almost up to the time they are slaughtered, and they are fed exclusively on mother’s milk, without receiving any kind of treatment.
After confirming the orders, the selected animals are transported to a meat processor who is likewise affiliated with the Collective Trade Mark.
At the meat processing plant, and with maximum sanitary guaranties and in the best possible way for the animal, they are slaughtered, dressed, chilled and packaged in special boxes which, weighing approximately 4.5 to 5.5 kg, are picked up in refrigerated trucks, transported to their place of destination and home-delivered without breaking the cold chain at any time.
Given that production, transport and marketing are performed by the same company, we can assure the excellent quality of the product, which will have the following characteristics:

  • Only whole animals are marketed.
  • The weight will be between 4.5 kg and 5.5 kg.
  • The external colour of the suckling pig will be creamy or waxy white and uniform in colour, without blood stains or any other unusual coloration.
  • The colour of the meat will be pink, nacre white or pale red.
  • The smell of the suckling pig will be that of the fresh meat of a young suckling animal.
  • The texture will be fine and will not have any soft areas, although it won’t be hard.
  • It will be correctly identified by a blue tag on the ear and an identifying back-label placed by qualifying technicians of the Collective Trade Mark on the right rear limb. This label will indicate the slaughter date and an individual identification number for each animal, and it will be printed with the logo of the “Cochinillo de Segovia” Collective Trade Mark.

“Cochinillo de Segovia” may also be presented roasted, and only restaurants in the province of Segovia and the capital city are authorised by the Collective Trade Mark for this purpose.

Gestating sows. Future suckling pig mothers (9,65 Mb)
Birth of suckling pigs (28,2 Mb)
Suckling pigs at 18 days (7,34 Mb)
Suckling pigs after 18 days of suckling (11,9 Mb)


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