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Segovia style recipe

The preparation of “Cochinillo de Segovia” starts with preparing the suckling pig before roasting it.
Place it with the back side facing up on top of a table. Use a knife to open it along the spine from the nape to the tail, while trying not to tear the skin.

Place it inside a clay baking dish, with the skin side down. Add a little bit of water, season and place in the oven (preferably wood burning). The oven should be hot and be at a temperature of 180º C.

Remove after one hour, add water to the dish, and if it has browned, turn it over with the skin side up. It should remain like this for at least another hour and a half, during which time you must check to see if it’s necessary to protect any part (ear, tail, limbs) that may burn due to excessive heat. Use aluminium foil to protect these parts.

Once the skin is golden brown and crunchy, the suckling pig is done. If not, leave it in the oven until it is golden brown and crunchy, and then you can enjoy a mouth-watering dish.

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